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You remembered way back–

She was in 6th grade and I was in Kindergarten. She had fluffy curly red hair that was long past her shoulders. She had such a big smile and very kind eyes. I always wanted to be around her and she made my heart flutter.

🍕 Brooklyn, New York, USA

to the first time you had feelings–

I wasn’t able to recognize it back then because a crush on a girl simply wasn’t an option, the same way that you don’t consider whether a koala would make a nice birthday present for your little sister.

🦋 Los Altos, California, USA

to the first time you had feelings–

It scares me that I had the capacity to bury a piece of me so big and pure and whole. We all have that capacity. Eventually, I’ll come out to my conservative, religious parents. Eventually, I will figure out how to explain that essential, indestructible nature thing.

🍦 Brooklyn, New York, USA

to the present moment-

It’s earth shattering how suddenly some people feel like home. I met someone – before covid-19 ruined us all, obviously – that in literally two conversations made my entire system collapse. And all I want to do is make her laugh. 

🦋 Córdoba, Argentina

To read a full letter, share your story (or write to one of these prompts). Tell us about your coming out story. Your first crush. Your first kiss. Your first…anything. How you came to terms with those things.

The first batch of letters arrived from South America, Asia, Australia, and both coasts of the United States. One theme we noted universally was that of initial doubt. Each of us breached barriers to accept our feelings and act on them, whether in childhood or later in life. For many of us, coming out felt like a confession. Our hope is that Dear Queerantine will help us write our stories on our own terms, with rawness and beauty.

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