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Dear Queerantine, Let’s give space to our stories *Translated version…

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My first female crush was one of my college teachers. I remember finding her the funniest and coolest person on the planet. It took me a while to realize that I actually had a crush on her. I had only been with guys before and the possibility of liking women had never really crossed my mind.

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Dear Queerantine, Let’s give space to our stories I probably…

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You remembered way back–

She was in 6th grade and I was in Kindergarten. She had fluffy curly red hair that was long past her shoulders. She had such a big smile and very kind eyes. I always wanted to be around her and she made my heart flutter.

🍕 Brooklyn, New York, USA

to the first time you had feelings–

I wasn’t able to recognize it back then because a crush on a girl simply wasn’t an option, the same way that you don’t consider whether a koala would make a nice birthday present for your little sister.

🦋 Los Altos, California, USA

to the first time you hid feelings–

It scares me that I had the capacity to bury a piece of me so big and pure and whole. We all have that capacity. Eventually, I’ll come out to my conservative, religious parents. Eventually, I will figure out how to explain that essential, indestructible nature thing.

🍦 Brooklyn, New York, USA

to the present moment-

It’s earth shattering how suddenly some people feel like home. I met someone – before covid-19 ruined us all, obviously – that in literally two conversations made my entire system collapse. And all I want to do is make her laugh. 

🦋 Córdoba, Argentina

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