Dear Queerantine,

Let's give space to our stories. 
For many of us, coming out felt like a confession.


Physical spaces are lacking for women & trans/non-binary folks who are queer, fluid, or curious– however we self-define (or don’t). Why not open a virtual space and tell our stories on our own terms? 


We’re crowdsourcing stories from around the world. Tell us about your first crush. Your first kiss. Your first…anything. How you came to terms with those things. What made the difference, and where you are now. 


After you write a letter, you’ll receive one in your inbox from someone else in the community. We want this to grow into a collaborative resource for all of us, now and in the future. But we need your stories first.   

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We are Meg and Wa, a video journalist and data analyst quarantined together in New York. 👭

It’s actually quite spacious; we were both once in the closet. Recently, we’ve been inspired by some excellent examples of the female gaze on the page and the screen. But there should be more.

Think of this as a personal history book, a living archive, written by and for us. If you’re into the mission, join us!

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This is just the beginning.

Love, Queerantine

excerpts from



"We sat on a hammock in my backyard. It swayed, and the air was charged with something."​


"I didn’t know what it was. It’s a feeling that was very hard to explain and comprehend."


"Just be yourself, no need to hide. It's already 2020!"

Want to write more? We got you.